Friday, March 6, 2009


my life has been pretty good lately. No drama, No doodoo talkers, having fun @volleyball, and just being able to cruze with my frends with No dramas. Lately volleyball has been the top subject in my head because we are not doing to well in tournaments but were are doing good but not as good as we are expected to do. I need to focus on school work because now that i have to think about volleyball i am slacking with project work. nah but as soon as i finish up my project that i am doing now then i can start a new one and not slack.(hopefully) well thats whats been going on in my life now days.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Today I went hiking up Makapu'u with Anake Susan, Anake Sue-Lynn, Anake Helen, Anakala Shorty, Anakala Richard, Kamalu, Caitlyn, Tina, Waylen, Paul Allen, and Kamu. We met over there at around 9:30 and hiked up. We saw choke whales. Then When we got to the top we took pictures. Well I took pictures of Kamu, Paul-Allen, and I. Then we stayed up at the top for a little while and started to head back down. When we got down we sat down for a little while. We left and went to this other place but I forget the name of it. Anyways we left and went to Anake Sue-lynns hale. Kamalu and Caitlyn went to the beach and left me :( nah nah but its all good because that gives me time to type this. Well thats basically what i did today and we are going to Anake Susans house for dinner tonight. Thats all!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

what i did yesterday

Yesterday I went to school and did project work all day. Then after school auli'i, titah, nd I played volleyball till we got in trouble for not going to Na Hoa Aina right after Ku Po Ai but we kept playing till aunty helen told us like 3 times. So we went in nd anakala Cal told us we were going to bake a cake. We baked one cake with bananas nd one with poi. they were both really good but thats only cuz i mixed it. NAH JK!! anyways we talked about our fundraising for china and about different ways to fundraise. I am really excited to go to China in April 2009. So after Na Hoa Aina was pau we went back outside to play volleyball till our parents came. Well thats basically what I did yesterday, it might sound pretty boring but I had fun. Laterz


In my blogging Class I hope to learn how to use a blog... I hope I get a chance to make more blog sites... Also I want to be able to learn how to get friends... other then those few things I am Pa'a with the blog website...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


no school tomorrow and friday.....

me nd darian

me nd darian

Me and Li'i

Me and Li'i